Client Business Challenges

Henkel’s disparate and localized transport management processes are to be transformed into a homogenous and efficient, unified system.

Benefits of this include:

  • Reduction of transport costs and emissions
  • Improved logistics services
  • Transparent end-to-end process
  • Better data for freight purchasing and network optimization
  • Higher automation of TM processes
  • Strengthened the carrier relationship

BearingPoint’s Contribution

  • Pre-study drawn up with client to identify problems and arrive at possible solution.
  • Comprehensive mapping of IT landscape, organisational design, transport processes, network flows, and tariff structures to define existing operational workflow and life-cycle.
  • Scenario analysis to pinpoint redundant processes, which could be consolidated.
  • Online process design tool adopted to connect all of the main elements of the life-cycle in real-time.
  • Implemented single transport management software solution.
  • Central Transport Management department established.
  • Introduction of standardized tariff structures, warehouse and carrier communications.
  • Actively implemented initial project and involved in subsequent roll-outs in both lead and support functions.

Key success factors

BearingPoint drew on its expertise with transport management systems.
Its proven methodologies in supply chain management and adaptive working were used to greatly benefit the business transformation and supply extra value.

Client Business Outcomes

  • Rationalized and coordinated business units, 50 countries in scope.
  • Go-live of pilot project within planned one-year timescale in Spain and Portugal.
  • 200 transport service providers on-boarded to date.
  • Cutting-edge Transport Management System for Henkel 2.31 MB Download

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