Information security with effective data protection is the central pillar for the digitalization of processes and services. As companies and government agencies embrace digital transformation at an accelerating pace, this places an increasing priority on information security and data privacy concerns. At the same time, the range and sophistication of threats to digital assets (and thus to business continuity) continue to advance.

Top management discussions often focus on the following challenges:

  • Improving information security while maintaining business continuity in an increasingly interconnected environment that is exposed to cyber attacks
  • Maintaining compliance while appropriately considering risk
  • Delivering improved customer service and convenience while meeting security and data regulatory requirements

BearingPoint has a broad portfolio of information security and privacy consulting services going back more than 20 years to support enterprises and government agencies to meet these challenges. We help you stay one step ahead in all security matters with our strong partnerships with leading security vendors, deep cross-industry expertise, and a cross-functional team of security and technology specialists.

Our service portfolio is divided into three areas:

Security advisory

BearingPoint's information security consulting services are based on a mature cyber resilience framework. The security of information is the foundation of your success and the basis of all values within your organization. Achieving dependable security is the motivation behind our services, delivered in a preventive, responsive and continuous approach throughout the information lifecycle.

Security compliance

Whether a company or a public entity, you invest a lot of time and effort in meeting the large number of standards and regulations compliance requirements that often overlap and must be checked in numerous audits, sometimes redundantly. As a result, many resources are spent on preparing and accompanying these audits. We help you exploit synergies in advance and save resources while complying with requirements for all information security topics.

Security services

We have significant experience in delivering consulting and managed services. We have developed and established robust and reliable service processes for information security through our cross-functional internal expertise and partner network, spanning mobile, smart devices, IoT, and public and private clouds and networks. We support you not only in an advisory and preventive capacity in your projects but also specifically in the design, implementation, delivery and maintenance of your systems.

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