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SNCF Transilien, a leader in public transportation in the Paris area.


Upgrade the service provided by gradually receiving 42 new trains and ensure that the new equipment is properly set up. The change brought by the 589 million euros investment shall also be an opportunity for the client to become a role model in managing newequipment commissioning.


BearingPoint first conducted a dependability study to identify all of the failure modes that could potentially arise with the introduction of the new train model. This study covered all the aspects of railway operation (planning, team management, maintenance, etc.), including safety issues. The second part of the study consisted of addressing all of the identified failure modes with specific preventive measures to be implemented by the different departments within the SNCF prior to the deployment of the new trains.


Firstly, an improvement plan was developed and shared. SNCF teams are now implementing the measures developed with the BearingPoint team to ensure that the new trains will operate smoothly in January 2018 and meet their 70,000 customers’ expectations. Secondly, the dependability study led to the development of a standard toolbox to be duplicated every time an evolution of the train fleet has to be properly managed.