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To get there. Together!

Are you up for a real life consulting challenge?

The BearingPoint Consulting Challenge 2012

BearingPoint Denmark will select a group of best in class masters students to participate in our yearly Consulting Challenge. This is a great opportunity for you to test your consulting skills in a team and to show us why we should consider offering you a position at BearingPoint.

The objectives of the BearingPoint Consulting Challenge are:

  • To provide you with a quick toolbox for problem solving and presentations that you can use for the challenge and in your future career 
  • To give you the opportunity to solve an exciting consulting case based on real-life issues that BearingPoint has helped a large number of companies overcome 
  • For you to gain insight into how it is to work as a management consultant at BearingPoint
  • For us to offer the best of you a job at BearingPoint
  • To have fun and the chance to meet and interact with likeminded individuals

The Consulting Challenge will take place at our office at Islands Brygge on May 8th. Please reserve the entire day as this will be a whole day event ending with a networking dinner.

To apply for participation in this exciting Consulting Challenge, go to our job portal: http://bearingpoint.easycruit.com/ and upload your CV, grade transcripts and a cover letter. If you are among the selected recruits you will receive a confirmation shortly after the deadline for applying.

Application deadline: April 9th

Some comments from previous year’s participants: 

  • ”Intimate enough to get the opportunity to show you a bit of me – Very nice Event!”
  • ”Great case, great challenge, great day”
  • ”I’ve enjoyed it tremendously”