Societies typically spend very little on illness prevention in relation to how much they spend on overall healthcare. Funding wellness rather than illness is much better for quality and length of life as well as for the sustainability of the healthcare system.

Clinical care is only one of the factors that has an impact on a person’s quality and length of life. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation stated in 2014 that 20% of a person’s health outcome comes from access to and quality of clinical care. That makes it more important than our physical environment (10%), but socioeconomic factors (40%) and health behaviors (30%) are much more important. Obviously, there is much more to the healthcare system than clinical care.

To make a greater positive impact in people’s lives, and get full leverage on past and present health innovations, you must rethink the way you plan, deliver, and analyze the outcomes of the entire healthcare system. In addition, you must find new ways of defining attractive incentives for all the stakeholders in the system. This is what population health management is about. It is far from simple, but the benefits that come from successfully doing it, for both society and citizens, make it one of society’s finest achievements.

Population health management solution

By combining holistic industry expertise with broad functional skills, we provide a complete solution across three key areas:

Know the population and predict what will happen

  • Longitudinal records
  • EHR data exchange
  • Analytics and big data
  • Information management

Engage stakeholders in health and care delivery

  • Care organizations
  • External organizations
  • Policies and programs
  • eHealth ecosystem management

Manage outcome and continuous improvement

  • Capacity and production planning
  • Quality management
  • Relationship management
  • Financial management

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