The multiplication of products, growing customer demands, decreasing margins and increasing time to market constraints are some of the challenges the telecom industry is facing. Our marketing expertise helps our clients meet these challenges.

Marketing plan

We help clients create roadmaps and full marketing plans that cover their whole product range and their development plans. Our approach consists in identifying major strategic issues and trends in the market and building scenarios that evaluate the impact of competitors’ products. This enables clients to develop a response plan to meet key competitive challenges.

Overall fixed and mobile portfolio redesign

Increasing competition frequently leads to changes in an operator’s product range.  To define the value proposition of the new product range, we perform a market analysis by:

  • Building quantitative tools to estimate the impact of changes in the product range on the operator’s clients.
  • Identifying competitors positioning and key market trends
  • Analyzing current product range performances by region and segment
  • Benchmarking with respect to offers available abroad

And we study the feasibility of the new offers by:

  • Building financial scenarios
  • Identifying the necessary elements to launch a new product range
  • Defining the procedures to optimize the transfer to the new product range

We deliver the key principles clients need to differentiate its offers while meeting  needs of customers.

New offer launch

We have worked alongside our clients in launching innovative products such as 4G value added services in the B2C and B2B markets or new convergent offers on their markets. We assist our clients in operational marketing (product, price, promotion, placement) as well as on project arrangements to secure complicated offer launches that go quickly to market.

Our success stories include e-commerce and Wi-Fi offer launches as well as a go-to-market approach for a cloud computing service suite and workspace services.
We also assist our customers in their product marketing and in their innovation processes.

Offer pruning

Optimizing and updating the offer catalogue brings many benefits, by improving customer base profitability, customer satisfaction and lowering churn rate. We have designed a specific methodology to assist our customer in this often excessively complex process.

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