Executive Summary

A leading luxury cosmetic brand took the next step to establish a strong foundation in client insights and personalized interactions. BearingPoint supported the company in turning the CRM vision into reality by implementing a global CRM database to lay the basis for advanced omnichannel capabilities.

Client Business Challenges

For our client, one of the most exclusive brands that offer luxurious skincare lines, understanding its customers’ preferences and indulging them with dedicated experiences, together with its unique products, have always been priorities.

The company wanted to establish a global view of the client interactions across all its locations and channels and to derive insights into client behavior and preferences. One of the company’s challenges was to connect data coming from multiple points of sales (POS), including beauty stores, online shops, and dedicated providers of exclusive beauty treatment packages. Multiple local databases, unclear data ownership, and limited integration capabilities prevented the company to have a unique perspective of its customer data.

The CRM report creation, which included manual steps, was time-consuming and often covered incomplete data. This resulted in a lack of transparency on the performance of campaigns at global, local, and store levels.

BearingPoint’s Contribution

BearingPoint supported the company in defining the vision of a customer 360-degree view and established the global data model to support it. The initial conceptual design phase covered 15 intensive client workshops performed globally, collecting the solution requirements. BearingPoint also captured specific regional needs and outlined the integration architecture and data foundation. Next, the team designed the global database and defined the needed omnichannel capabilities.

By leveraging the Salesforce platform, BearingPoint established the foundation for building a global CRM database. This enabled the company to consolidate and integrate different legacy data sources and to build connected automated B2C omnichannel campaigns in the next phases of adoption of the Salesforce capabilities. At the same time, with the help of Mulesoft, they established data exchange with one of the company’s POS systems, e-commerce platforms, and global master data systems.

BearingPoint also defined and implemented Salesforce Analytics Cloud to enable monitoring, steering, and optimizing the customer journey. This allowed for calculating more than 60 parameters – like customer lifetime value, or customer segmentation – considering client data from various source systems, which will supplement the client profile beyond captured data.

Client Business Outcomes

The global luxury cosmetics company gained a consolidated view of its online and bricks-and-mortar customer interactions data, from multiple markets, enabling them to have an even deeper understanding of their clients and to shape exceptional experiences for them.

The company embraced the foundational steps towards gaining direct in-house control over global campaign execution and building a consolidated, addressable client base. The company can now engage in even more individualized one-to-one communication on digital channels and connect the digital with the physical contact in the stores.

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