Barclaycard US

Client Business Challenges

Barclaycard US, a subsidiary of the world’s seventh largest bank Barclays Plc is a top 10 credit care issuer in the US with 12 million customers and $5 billion in deposits.

Like many database marketing-driven organizations, Barclaycard needed a new customer management model that enabled the execution of more efficient and effective campaigns.

This would need to include data collection across all digital touchpoints to get a better view of customers to create more tailored offers, as well as greater automation of campaign management processes.

For assistance, Barclaycard turned to BearingPoint, with expertise driving the right kind of customer loyalty enabled by digital technologies.

BearingPoint’s Contribution

To develop business requirements, BearingPoint engaged all affected business stakeholders and, based on their input, documented requirements, identified benefits and defined key performance indicators across the customer journey.

BearingPoint guided Barclaycard through the selection process of enterprise marketing management software and marketing service providers.

Finally, the project team worked with Barclaycard to develop a phased roadmap for implementing its vision.

Key success factors

A key step in the process included developing a single view of Barclaycard customers by integrating integration data, behavioral data, descriptive data and attitudinal data.

Client Business Outcomes

BearingPoint worked with its American alliance partners, West Monroe Partners to define an integrated business model that supported Barclaycard’s new Always On Marketing vision.

As a result of this work, Barclaycard can reinforce offers across multiple channels, including direct marketing; email, web and contact centers and implement better quality, more targeted, complex offers and campaigns.

In addition, Barclaycard has seen a 90 percent reduction in effort required to build and execute campaigns and for the most complex campaigns, a reduction in time required from six weeks to 10 days.

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