Executive Summary

As part of its Customer Centricity Transformation Program, Europcar Mobility Group aimed to revamp its operating model, offering an enhanced customer experience at each touchpoint while increasing revenues and optimizing operating costs. BearingPoint supported the group in transforming its customer care activities through a new operating model, streamlined and improved processes, leverage of new tools, and more efficient ways of handling customer interactions.

Standing out from the competition

Europcar Mobility Group’s focus was on enhancing customer experience during the interaction with the customer contact centers. The Group decided to find new and more efficient ways to perform their customer care activities while coping with higher quality customers' expectations and new contact channels integration.
Europcar Mobility Group also aimed at improving internal operations and optimizing costs, notably by considering a new outsourcing model in competitive destinations, lowering the number of partners and focusing on those that provide best-in-class services and sales performance.

Standardizing processes and upgrading contact center approaches

BearingPoint supported Europcar Mobility Group in creating and implementing its target customer care operating model by reducing the number of outsourcing partners globally, streamlining processes, and automating website interactions through chatbots. New roles and responsibilities were also defined between the Group’s head office and its countries of operation for key management functions such as performance monitoring, forecasting, and training.
The client was also assisted in implementing new quality monitoring tools, customer satisfaction surveys, and dedicated support on social media. The existing Salesforce-based CRM solution was also extended to support the entire customer journey.
BearingPoint defined new sales scripts for customer care agents and new sales reporting particularly identifying proper customer care contributions and highlighting the turnover split between countries.

Providing an industry-leading customer journey

Europcar Mobility Group successfully reduced its global cost of customer care operation by 9%, notably by reducing the number of outsourcing partners from 11 to 3 and optimizing processes and activity reporting.
The customer experience was significantly enhanced through offering 24/7 assistance on websites with chatbots and dedicated support on social media, leading to reduced customer response times.
The Group also achieved a 5% increase in revenues generated by contact centers due to the higher conversion rate and average basket growth.


Europcar Mobility Group is a mobility service company operating in over 140 countries. With approximately 9.5m customers worldwide, Europcar Mobility Group develops mobility offers, services, and solutions as attractive alternatives to vehicle ownership.

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