Designing user-centric experiences

Customers expect businesses to deliver holistic and personalized journeys. Up until recently, customers accepted that services they used across a provider might be standardised and disconnected. However, due to the Digital Transformation affecting all aspects of business, meteoric rise of disruptive digital service providers and worldwide proliferation of smart devices, expectations have dramatically changed. Businesses are now expected to provide smart, predictive services that encompass and actively anticipate customer needs.

For established companies, enabling this transformation can be difficult; disparate service portfolios, outdated processes, data privacy requirements and internal barriers to process innovation can all hinder change. On top of this, customer expectations are growing and increasingly being met by new players that deliver digital-native operations, making it imperative for C-level Executives, User Experience Officers and Digital Teams to act fast.

Customer Experience Management is key to this transformation, and the field features a diverse and growing range of services and methodologies, from CX strategy definition, to customer feedback platform implementation and journey design to ensure a smooth, customer-centric transition.

Service Design ensures customer orientation

Today’s fast-moving Service Design approaches incorporate multiple rounds of testing and customer feedback in order to assess user experience assumptions through dependable research. By bringing together all relevant stakeholders from a larger ecosystem, services can be co-created so they not only operate seamlessly and incorporate all relevant portfolios but can actively anticipate customer requirements.

Customer Feedback Management Platforms provide precious client insights

New methods of customer feedback also allow for the shortest possible reaction times. Instead of seeing a performance metric drop and not understanding why, feedback, customer and operational data can be unified within a single Customer Feedback Management Platform.

Examples such as Qualtrics, Medallia and InMoment allow for lightning-fast action and continuing customer satisfaction. This often leads to a rise in peer recommendation by customers, reducing churn and encouraging business growth. In addition, the insights gained from well-managed programs provide an unlimited source of ideas for organizational improvement, be it about things gone wrong as well as ideas for new services.

A powerful approach to Service Design

In this challenging field, businesses need a strategic advisor and enabler of transformation, one that understands the many strategies and processes available to businesses, has close industry partnerships and knows how to foster innovation. A unique, end-to-end approach is also crucial, helping drive holistic and long-lasting transformations.

Strategy and co-creation

By understanding your current service status, you can identify and roadmap a tailored set of solutions specific to your needs and challenges. Recently, working alongside a large French rail company on the verge of seeing its market opening to competition, BearingPoint defined the target customer experience strategy, leveraging our internal eight-dimension maturity model, an IP asset to help our clients increase market standards and turn their customer-facing activities into true market differentiators.

Development and optimization

Next, you need a partner that can effectively design, implement and optimize your plan. Adjusting organizational models and work cultures is a large part of this, and this is where we bring international benchmarks, consumer studies and the ability to design experiences that go beyond customer expectations.. For a large international car leasing group, we implemented a new customer-centric governance and platform solution to help the client monitor and exceed their NPS target while placing customer insights at the heart of the organization and culture.

Targeted specialists

Finally, we find that working with specialized teams ensures the most focused success for our clients. For instance, CX Strategy or Field Service Execution, have a proven record of optimizing and extending existing touch points, while Service Design and UX experts are crucial when introducing newly engineered services. For a large GSP client looking to merge three high-traffic, large-transaction B2B sites, we facilitated this approach. Co-creating with the business and their users to optimize the target site and UX, we made the vision a fast-prototyped reality.

BearingPoint’s approach combines strategic analysis with a powerful understanding of the Service Design solutions available to businesses. Working with us, you can create fully optimized services that exceed the needs of the user and support your business objectives.

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