Based on the technological change and increasing competitive pressure, the digitalization of rail transport is becoming increasingly important. However, an international study conducted by BearingPoint shows that this is still in its infancy.

Rail infrastructure companies are currently well below the industry average in terms of planning and technology trends. The rail infrastructure must therefore make enormous efforts to be able to meet the existing pressure of expectations in terms of availability, quality, environment, technology and personnel. BearingPoint therefore recommends continuing to take the digital path to move from digital pilots to a common digital strategy or organization and processes.

Key insights

  • In 62% of the respondents the planning documents are outdated or not available
  • To enable effective use of digital solutions, there should be a general openness to innovative solutions and a positive error culture
  • Lack of skilled workers and uncertainties regarding the application of digital solutions and correspondingly changed processes are among the most frequent background factors why the introduction of digital and transparent solutions turns out to be difficult
  • Despite the fact that current planning and construction processes are focused, they show significant potential for improvement

The detailed study results are available in the download area. If you have any questions about the study or would like to exchange information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Download: Digitization in rail infrastructure management
    Download: Digitization in rail infrastructure management 2.9 MB Download

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