We are proud to present you the G8-publication “Climate change – The New Economy”, the official magazine of the G8 summit that took place on the 17th and 18th June 2013 to which BearingPoint contributed.

In this publication focused on the New Economy, some of the greatest minds in the world have assembled – from governments (B. Obama, F. Hollande, Rt Hon David Cameron, etc.) to industry (C. Ghosn – The Renault-Nissan Alliance Chairman and CEO, etc), from NGOs to scientists.

They advise, debate and formulate best practice to protect the planet from the devastating effects of climate change.

You can have a look at the e-book of this publication and read our team’s article about Smart Cities (pages 46 to 49):

This article entitled “Smart cities- The catalysts for development in emerging markets” presents BearingPoint’s stand on the growing importance of science and technology parks in developing emerging economies.

With emerging markets playing an increasingly important role on the international stage, one of the innovative ways they are creating even more influence is by developing technology centers or science parks. Egypt, Morocco and even Tunisia have opened the way for science parks in Africa and these pioneers have seen their initiatives create several thousand new jobs and have resulted in the role of information and communications technology in these countries’ economies increasing.

At the turn of the 21st century the richer emerging markets (North Africa, Persian Gulf, South East Asia) began the trend of setting up technology centers and since 2010 Africa’s connection to the fiber optic network has seen this really take off, with sub-Saharan Africa establishing their own technology parks.

However, emerging economies still have some way to go to master the art of “technopolisation”. On the basis of past experience, according to BearingPoint’s research five actions are key to the successful installation of this type of structure:

  1. Complete involvement of key actors;
  2. Establishment of a common vision based on the country’s strategic objectives;
  3. Establishment of an ad hoc financing model;
  4. Set up of an effective operational model and an efficient governance model;
  5. Attractiveness of science parks to international partners.

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