Most companies already deploy x-shoring models

The Covid-19 pandemic has significantly affected companies around the world. Supply chains are under severe pressure, whereas knowledge workers seem to perform quite well under the given circumstances. Companies have shown that it is no longer necessary for all employees to be under one roof.

While “home offices” have boosted the possibility of a decentralized workplace, the concept of diversifying operations across multiple locations continues to mark the way for businesses as it has over the last decades. Hence, most of today’s conglomerates deploy nearshoring and offshoring centers around the world. Bringing these two developments together, namely home offices and x-shoring, will imply what for x-shoring initiatives in the future?

Navigating through the x-shoring maze

First, let us clear up the x-shoring-jungle. There can be various combinations of “shoring” and “sourcing” strategies depending on the location of business ownership and premises. Here is how to navigate through the sourcing and shoring maze:

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