The SAP S/4HANA transition forming the basis of tomorrow’s digital innovation

The future of ERP is here: SAP S/4HANA. Enterprise resource planning is undergoing a major upheaval. With newly emerged technologies such as Internet of Things, machine learning and automation entering the market, businesses – yours likely included – need ERP technologies that can support these new innovations. SAP’s answer is S/4HANA.

If you are a C-level executive, HANA removes bottlenecks in your decision-making, letting you respond in real time to emerging challenges and opportunities. For staff, it is providing a new, simplified and customizable user experience that is driving user adoption and making work easier. And most importantly, it is forming the basis upon which transformative technologies can be rapidly deployed, integrated and put to work improving product and service offerings, as well as customer experience.

An imperative transformation for countless businesses

Transitioning to S/4HANA is a key priority for countless SAP customers, however in many cases, the realization is not proving straightforward.

To date, of SAP’s 410,000 clients, only 9% have or are working towards going live with S/4HANA, with 91% currently transitioning or likely to do so. For many CIOs, CFOs and CEOs, it is a chance to reevaluate existing processes, organization and IT strategy. But as these transition projects culminate in technical conversions, it is expected a bottleneck will soon form across industry as the demand for already-stretched SAP HANA experts skyrockets.

Even now, many companies are finding implementation and scalability difficult, and that is without considering SAP transition services that go beyond basic implementation and provide valuable HANA applications customized to their business.

How best to transition to Next-Gen SAP S/4HANA

Thankfully, there are many options open to you if you wish to quickly and effectively master your HANA transformation:

  • An encompassing strategy – Allowing SAP S/4 Service Providers such as BearingPoint to understand your business and priorities, helping you fully recognize the technology behind S/4HANA and the opportunities it brings.
  • A step-by-step, technical approach – BearinPoint’s gradual, staged approaches guarantee a simple and methodical technical SAP transition geared entirely towards your business and objectives.
  • Industry-specific IP – Developed to meet our clients’ business requirements, BearingPoint’s assets ensure that you can immediately begin to experience the benefits of S/4HANA. This includes the Log 360 Portfolio, which represents a digital recreation of the user’s entire supply chain, and Intelligent Tank Management, which automates resource management and re-fill.
  • Co-development partnerships – Choosing an SAP S/4 Service Provider with an SAP co-development partnership such as BearingPoint ensures access to innovative and well-optimized S/4HANA digital solutions, the moment they are released.
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