Showrooming and experimentation

52%* of online buyers have first experienced the product in store. Given this trend, retailers try to enhance the shopping experience in store to engage with customers, build loyalty and encourage them to visit their website. 

In this context, various actors open showrooms to combine online and offline advantages. They share their products in a space reflecting the brand identity but maintain a low level of stock. Moreover, they link this store to their website thanks to digital spots to increase online sells.

To meet with customers’ expectations, these showrooms should focus on:

  • How to enhance the customer experience in store using digital technologies?
  • How to improve the collection of customer data to fine-tune CRM campaigns and increase customer satisfaction?
  • How to adapt the offer to respond to customers’ needs and expectations (ATAWAD approach)

This newsletter will give you more insights on what benefits the brand could receive:

  • What does showrooming bring for both customers and retailers?
  • What are the main challenges (collection of customer data, ATAWAD approach, etc.) ?
  • Which retailers launch interesting initiatives?

*Source : Fevad Q3 2016 

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