Even though 5G is still at an early stage, its impact will grow rapidly in the near future, creating new opportunities for growth and success. The future standard with its technical capabilities (e.g. very low latency, very high availability and very high bandwidth) is the cornerstone for the diffusion of the Internet of Things (IoT). From 2020 on European telecom operators plan a comprehensive deployment of 5G networks which will enable a variety of already outlined use cases in the fields of Manufacturing, Logisitics and Smart City.

This year’s Telecommunications Outlook provides future strategic positioning options for network operators in a changing market environment. Based on their “classical” role as enabler/bit pipe operators will have additional revenue opportunities by offering hardware components and new services. We see a vastly more significant potential to overcome the actual industry-wide zero (revenue) growth by creating new platform based business models and to develop to a Digital Ecosystem Provider (Digial Ecosystem Management [DEM]).

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