How can companies create a culture of care and flexibility to support employees in embracing diverse care responsibilities beyond traditional parenthood? Learn with Anna Pinger-Creitz and Christian Ludwig.​

In the podcast episode 3, we discuss the importance of acknowledging and supporting care work beyond traditional parenthood roles. Our guests, Anna Pinger-Creitz (Global Lead Diversity & Inclusion at BearingPoint) and Christian Ludwig (Chief of Staff to CDO at Beiersdorf), shed light on creating flexible and empathetic corporate cultures to meet employees' diverse care responsibilities.​

​The podcast emphasizes the need for individualized support, listening to employees' needs, and providing tailored solutions throughout their careers. Going beyond regulatory requirements helps retain valuable talent while fostering a caring and inclusive workplace. Christian shares insights on the power of speaking up as an employee and creating safe spaces, exemplified by the "Dad.icated" grassroots community. This community challenges traditional gender norms in fatherhood, inspiring others to take on caregiving roles and advocating for a more balanced approach to work and family life.

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Show Notes

  • Anna and Christian introduce their roles at BearingPoint and Beiersdorf and their role as advocates for care work and family supportiveness and inclusive work culture respectively ​
  • Family supportiveness emphasizes enabling employees to care for their loved ones and providing necessary support beyond legal requirements. Understanding and willingness for care work varies across countries.​
  • Dad.icated, a grassroots community at Beiersdorf initiated by Christian, encourages longer parental leave for fathers, acting as role models for work-life balance and flexible working arrangements.​
  • Companies should create safe spaces for employees to speak up about their need for flexibility, fostering trust and open communication. Assessing individual needs is essential for providing tailored support.​
  • Understanding the importance of work-life balance, especially for caregiving roles, to maintain employee well-being and productivity.​
  • Exploring innovative approaches and progressive support programs that empower employees in their caregiving responsibilities and career growth.​
  • Care work support positively impacts employee retention, engagement, and overall job satisfaction. Individualized programs such as full-time, part-time, or shared working models should be offered.​
  • Ongoing evaluation and adaptation are crucial to continuously improve care work support in corporate cultures.​
  • Anna Pinger-Creitz

    As the Global Lead Diversity & Inclusion at BearingPoint and dedicated mother, Anna plays a pivotal role in successfully establishing and implementing both family supportiveness and female leadership frameworks within the firm, driving positive change and promoting inclusiveness.

  • Christian Ludwig

    As Chief of Staff to the Chief Digital Officer at Beiersdorf and dedicated father, he is the visionary behind the grassroots community "Dad.icated". He passionately advocates for active fatherhood, including work-life balance and alternative working models and an inclusive and supportive work culture.

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