Many organizations only address the effectiveness of their IT services in challenging times when cost-cutting is on the agenda. In fact, there is a clear business case to make carefully-planned improvements to IT services even when a company is healthy and profitable. Reducing the size and complexity of the IT services portfolio, and implementing a delivery model based on a clear make/buy strategy, not only reduces operational costs, but it also improves the efficiency and effectiveness of IT services delivered to the business. This in turn frees vital resources that can be used to support innovation and enhance the business.

But such improvements can only take place with the right planning and execution. This white paper shows how, by addressing sourcing, consolidation and governance issues, companies can improve IT operational efficiency, reduce costs, and thereby also increase the value of IT services delivered to the business. There are dependencies between these three areas, and BearingPoint’s experience is that risks are mitigated and larger benefits can be realized when addressing sourcing, consolidation and governance issues together.

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