Fourth BearingPoint Institute report focuses on developing robust ecosystems – both sources of innovation and disruption

London, April 23, 2014 – The fourth BearingPoint Institute report published this spring focuses on how businesses can live or die by their ability to adapt to environments changing faster than ever. Whether it is securing your global supplier network, building the right skills to tap into a previously unthinkable mass of data, or teaming with external partners, the research papers explore strategies for a connected and dynamic world.

The smart insurer: embedding big data in corporate strategy
  • A bastion of the financial services sector, the industry’s actuarial model is under threat from new challengers
  • Insurers see technology as an answer: new BearingPoint Institute research shows 71% of respondents making big data and smart analytics a high priority by 2018
  • In conclusion, the answers are not just technology or skills related; insurers should build a holistic response incorporating the other 3 pillars we outline
Utilities x.0: energy companies prepare for a reboot
  • Utilities is a capital-intensive industry also faced with dynamic upheaval. Smart grids and renewable energy sources are set to divide the industry as decentralization takes hold. The direction each firm wants to take will influence the nature of their ecosystem, whether that’s embracing smart technology or welcoming consumers into the heart of their business.
  • BearingPoint Institute’s survey shows 45% of respondents expect virtual generation to represent over 5% of their total capacity by 2025
  • Drawing from this original research, the BearingPoint Smart Utilities Index charts the five attributes companies need in order to embrace or defend against three completely new business models
Will your suppliers turn from strategic to catastrophic?
  • Outsourcing has long been seen as an easy win for Western businesses looking to take advantage of the cheap labour in low-cost countries. But with wages in the East growing quicker than in the West, the pool of options is shrinking. 
  • A preview of the BearingPoint’s eighth annual Sourcing Monitor reveals a trend of ever growing significance for procurement departments tasked with building such ecosystems 
  • A strong case is made for business customers to turn struggling suppliers around, aided by an early warning system that identifies problems and offers companies time to stabilize their ecosystem before it rots the business from the inside
Repaying the stakeholder, not the shareholder
  • Business gurus Charles Hampden-Turner and Fons Trompenaars of THT Consulting, make a passionate plea to take a long term view, aimed to please stakeholders rather than shareholders
  • In their eyes, this offers a sustainable future for all – plus a more profitable one
Can Darwin teach us how to adapt to the era of the digital customer?
  • A joint new book resulting from a collaboration between BearingPoint and West Monroe PartnersDarwinism in a consumer driven world, seeks inspiration from Charles Darwin’s 150 year old theories of evolution and provides actionable advice on customer strategies
Ten future business mistakes in strategic planning
  • BearingPoint Partners list the top ten mistakes businesses are likely to make over the coming years; they also have an idea or two as to how to solve them…

Per Jacobsson, BearingPoint Partner and lead for the BearingPoint Institute, commented on this BearingPoint Institute Report Issue 004:

“In business, as in life, we are all too often guilty of focusing on the self, rather than broadening horizons and welcoming collaboration. This fourth BearingPoint Institute report uses original research and analysis to recognize we can either succeed together or fail individually. We hope this helps our clients and readers challenge their current ecosystems and see the world differently too.”

You can order the full report on the BearingPoint website: or contact us to discuss individual themes in more detail.

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