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As we finalized Magenta Advisory’s integration to BearingPoint, we took this as an opportunity to sharpen and clarify our offering

What will continue to be at the core of our offering is our focus on digitalization. Digitalization continues to re-shape industry after industry. The developments we saw starting more than a decade ago in technology and media industries have caught on new industries such as retail, industrial manufacturing and banking. Ecommerce has taken a lion’s share of total retail growth, investments to fintechs have exploded to double digit billions annually – and these stories continue to be rewritten as time moves on.

There shouldn’t be any CEO left who can’t articulate the opportunities and threats posed by digitalization to his or her company. Nor should there be any CEO left who wouldn’t be investing in these areas. Along the years, we have seen the emphasis of these digital develop from operational efficiency improvement to customer experience leadership and even further to business model innovation. In our experience, most incumbent companies still have a lot to gain from operational efficiencies but this alone will not bring sustainable competitive advantage. A relentless focus on customers and business model re-invention, and introducing the related capabilities and culture, however, will.

In a world that is changing faster and faster, we help our clients create a digital competitive advantage 

We do this by blending a unique combination of strategic thinking, in-depth industry expertise, customer centricity and understanding of modern technologies and related development methods.

We work hand-in-hand with our clients co-creating new solutions to their pressing problems and accelerating change in large and complex organizations. To do this, we deploy best-in-class teams of business strategists, service designers, product managers, financial analysts, technology architects, industry experts, change leaders and program managers. We work on our client’s side remaining technology independent seeking best answers to our client’s problems, not pushing technology implementation projects to grow our business. With over 300 digital engagements delivered to some of the most demanding clients in Northern Europe, we know what we are talking about.

Does your digital agenda need acceleration? Give us a call!


Antti Maunula, Senior Manager, Digital & Strategy
Juha Mertanen, Senior Manager, Digital & Strategy
Sami Loikala, Head of Customer Experience & Design