Introducing two brilliant minds from our TECH team Finland, Maija and Riku.

Maija Rinta-Laulaja, Business Consultant, Enterprise Performance Management

“Nine months have passed since I started working at BearingPoint and now, after holidays, it’s a good moment to look back on the highlights of these months. Before this here’s a few words about myself: I’m a business consultant working in Enterprise Performance Management team, which is one of the sub-teams of our Finance & Technology team. My background is in financial accounting and I always have had a technology-oriented mindset, which is one of the reasons I got interested in BearingPoint.

To the highlights! Already during my first week I joined an interesting public sector related digitalization project and got to meet the client’s project team. Since the beginning of the project I have been working with the client team closely. When I applied, I was asked to describe a project I would like to work on if I got the job. To mention a few, I wanted to have an active role at customer interface, develop processes within CFO organization and see in practice how technology enables business to evolve. I was lucky as my first project I was assigned to pretty much covered the elements I described in a job interview. At BearingPoint people and their thoughts are heard – also new ideas are more than welcome.

In addition to project work I have done a wide variety of different tasks from business proposals to other sales activities and arranging fun free time activities. For me it is the variety of different tasks that makes the work attractive by boosting continuous learning and sometimes by challenging to step outside of the comfort zone. A great thing is that you are never alone with the most challenging tasks, but surrounded with extremely talented colleagues who are always ready to share their thoughts.

Last but not least we also know how to have fun, was it a sport activity, festival, a party… you name it! Although most of our consultants work outside the office during the week, every Friday we get together at our home office to meet colleagues and keep up the great culture we have!”

Riku Lamberg, Business Analyst, Enterprise Performance Management

“Eleven months ago, I joined BearingPoint hoping that I had found a company with a positive and encouraging work culture. From what I have seen so far, I have been delighted to discover that I have found just that.

During my first eleven months at BearingPoint I have worked with six different clients and usually I have had at least two projects ongoing at the same time. This has been very refreshing because I enjoy learning about different industries. Currently I develop financial planning and forecasting applications for our clients in BearingPoint's Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) team. Since my background is from accounting - I studied accounting at University of Jyvaskyla and previously worked as a controller - I can relate to the challenges that CFO's, Controller etc. face. Some of the challenges I face in my job are somewhat technical which can be a challenge since I have not studied IT at university. Luckily, I have great colleagues who can help in case I get stuck with a technical issue. Before joining our EPM team I was part of our Cloud Transformation Services team and I think it’s very energizing that BearingPoint’s lean organizational structure gives consultants a chance to change from one team to another and learn different aspects of management consulting.

Even though we are technology-oriented management consultants, technology is just one part of our job. Some of us are experts in certain technologies, others concentrate on change management and some focus on project management. Because most of our work consist on balancing between business and IT, sometimes I feel like I´m a translator between our client´s business and IT departments. I really enjoy this type of work since it allows me to understand business challenges from multiple perspectives.

Besides client projects I have participated in numerous other company activities. For example, we organized a case event called "Real Deal" for students, went to Alps for a ski trip and participated in numerous recruitments fairs for students. I have also been part of our mentoring pilot program where I have gotten a chance to mentor a student who is taking a step from University to business life. The first eleven months have been a blast and I´m excited what interesting challenges future brings.”


Maija Rinta-Laulaja, Business Consultant
Riku Lamberg, Business Analyst


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