At BearingPoint, our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives are deeply ingrained in our strategy. We are dedicated to fostering societal and environmental well-being, and view diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) as a long-term commitment. We wish to cultivate a diverse workforce, enabling every professional to thrive in an inclusive environment. 

We strive to create a workplace where individuals can bring their authentic selves to work daily. By encouraging the exchange of ideas and passions, we enrich our organizational culture, ensuring that everyone can contribute fully, regardless of background or identity. It is in our values – we empower people to succeed and create lasting outcomes in doing so! 

Our local CSR team consists of three sub-teams, which gather people across organization advance initiatives related to Planet, Society and People (Diversity & Inclusion). 


At BearingPoint, we prioritize Diversity, Inclusion, Variety, and Equity (DIVE). BearingPoint is an equal opportunities employer, and diversity and inclusion are an important part of our employee value proposition. We recognize intersectionality and are committed to various activities. Our internal Women@BearingPoint network, for example, serves as a platform for female employees to convene regularly. Our organization also takes part in external networks, such as Women in Tech, and participates in Pride to celebrate and support diversity in our community. Each year we work with many other initiatives, such as surveys and reports to measure perceived belonging, psychological safety, and engagement levels. Our people are our greatest strength, which is why we actively seek to cultivate a workforce rich in diverse skills, backgrounds, and experiences! 


In our Planet activities, we prioritize optimizing the sustainability of our office and travel operations, alongside actively educating our colleagues on vital environmental issues and organizing environment related activities. In the Planet team, our main mission is to conduct BearingPoint’s own emission reduction calculations and support the company’s transition into more sustainable ways of working. In addition to our internal transition, we also take part in external activities, such as no-mow-May, to motivate our employees to take part in sustainable actions outside work as well.  


Our Society activities encompass a variety of initiatives, including charitable donations, fundraising events, direct assistance to nonprofit organizations, and pro bono projects. We engage in partnerships with local organizations such as Save the Children (Pelastakaa Lapset ry) and Red Cross (Punainen Risti ry). We also actively participate in community-driven fundraising campaigns like Christmas Calendars by Hope ry. Additionally, we manage our own Blood Group (Veriryhmä) to monitor annual blood donor contributions. 

DIVE - Ninni

DIVE - Ninni

Diversity and inclusion have always been core values for me. There are a lot of things we as individuals and as a business can do, to enhance the opportunities for everyone around us, and make sure people are valued for who they are. It requires courage to challenge established norms and create new pathways. I’m thrilled that at BearingPoint, everyone can actively contribute to these efforts.

Together we have made lasting changes, such as shaped our hiring policies, and defined our firm-wide diversity goals and roadmaps. Our progress is a result of open and honest dialogues, which gives me confidence that we’ll continue to thrive!

Society - Terhi

Society - Terhi

I am part of our CSR Society team and I truly appreciate BearingPoint’s culture, which encourages good deeds! In our annual assessments “non-financial” work is valued high and we can use our working time in planning and executing these activities. We can also influence the planning according to what we are interested in. My passion is knitting and for several years we have had a charity knitting club where we make e.g. baby socks for the Children’s hospital or socks and mittens for the homeless.

We have different activities varying from donation campaigns to charity cycling. Our firm’s commitment to social responsibility also shows in smaller daily actions, for example our old kitchenware was donated to a local charity and our Christmas cards are ordered from Hope ry.

At BearingPoint I can truly contribute to society and these contributions are genuinely seen and appreciated. Together we are more than business, as we say at BearingPoint!

Planet - Antti

Planet - Antti

It is often thought that consultants only help other organizations to develop their operations. However, we also need to make sure that we practice what we preach. That's why it's great to be involved in developing our own operations alongside customer projects regarding environmental topics.

At BearingPoint, you can internally influence environmental issues in many ways. Planet team is responsible for the collection and reporting of our office's environmental data. We participate in the group-wide discussion to set the necessary policies related to environmental issues. Locally, we support to follow these policies and reach the set goals. Like now, we are considering ways to reduce emissions from work-related travel to reach our emission targets. We also raise the awareness of our local personnel by organizing various environmental-related trainings and events.

There are many people in our office who are passionate about environmental issues. The Planet team offers one great channel to turn this passion into action!