How would you describe your experience as an employee at BearingPoint?

I’d say I’m still a newcomer to the company, but it has been very easy to feel welcomed and become part of the team from early on. The official and unofficial gatherings have made it easy to get to know colleagues and expand the network within the company.

What kinds of projects have you been involved in, and what does your daily work consist of?

I have worked on the topics of sustainability and operations management as an engagement manager. Lately, I have worked closely with colleagues from other BearingPoint offices and have been traveling to client sites abroad. The daily work varies a lot, which is something that I enjoy. About half of my day is meetings or calls and the other half is more independent work. Project work consists of about 80% of my time and the rest is related to sales or personal development.

What do you like the most about your work?

The people I work with are great! Also, the way work is organized has a good balance of autonomy and teamwork.