What made you choose BearingPoint as your employer?

For me, it's always about the company culture. The initial job description and interview process showed that people at BearingPoint care about making a difference in the projects they're involved in, as well as taking care of themselves and their colleagues. I've now been at BearingPoint for nearly a year, and I've never looked back.

How would you describe the projects or tasks you have participated in?

Projects and tasks vary, and I really enjoy that. For example, I’ve been involved in a big AFC technology implementation project for a large bank, but also worked on smaller process optimization tasks. I’ve also written a blog post and been involved with smaller organizational tasks. I like to keep myself busy and BearingPoint is the perfect place for that.

Why would you recommend someone to join your competency team?

I work with Anti Financial Crime and Risk Management, and having a passion and genuine interest for the area is pretty much a must. Everyone on my team, and in the wider operational excellency team are motivated, always up for conquering some challenges, and have a ton of experience in their fields.