How would you describe your experience as an employee at BearingPoint?

If I would describe my experience at BearingPoint with one word, it would be multifaceted. At BearingPoint, there are always opportunities to learn something new from our brilliant people with different skill sets. Perhaps a cliche, but there is never a similar day in consulting, and I have had the chance to experience a lot in a short period of time.

How would you describe the projects or tasks you have participated in?

I have worked in projects involving development of sustainable business and facilitating sustainability-driven strategy building as well as an exciting internationalization project where sustainability was considered as a critical asset. The projects I have worked with has been for example in the fields of circular economy, biodiversity, renewable energy and sustainable transport. In addition, I have got the opportunity to take part in internal development initiatives including developing our expertise and participating in marketing activities. 

Why would you recommend someone to join your competency team?

I work in BearingPoint's Sustainable Business team and have a strong passion for sustainable business development. I would recommend joining our team because there are always multiple opportunities for learning and development in sustainability related areas together with our highly skilled experts. In BearingPoint's Sustainable Business team, we support one another's efforts to promote client satisfaction, team success and individual development.