What made you choose BearingPoint as your employer?

I joined BearingPoint six years ago since I wanted to widen my understanding of banking in general. I had heard that BearingPoint gives responsibility since day one and the nice people I met in the interview process seemed super professional. Now, six years later, I'm still super glad that I chose BearingPoint.

How would you describe the projects or tasks you have participated in?

Most of my projects at BearingPoint have been related to traditional banking regulation and risk management, namely credit, market, and liquidity risk. Sometimes we operate on a detailed level thinking about (for example) a specific area of regulation and sometimes on a more strategic level. In the most recent years, ESG regulation in banking has been a hot and super interesting topic that has kept me busy as well.

Why would you recommend someone to join your competency team?

We have a team of super-capable people understanding the banking and financial sector from various perspectives. Projects that we do are interesting and the learning curve is steep. On top of the project work, we give responsibilities already early on in the career for example within sales and team development. And most importantly, we are fun and easy to work with.