Meet Leena, who works as a Business Advisor in Financial Services, focusing on Cards and Payments 👋 Leena is a combo of economics and engineering with strong experience from the banking industry. She is an expert in project management, business development and management level communication with high focus on operational excellence, compliance, risk management and sustainable development.  

What made you choose BearingPoint as your employer? 

I chose BearingPoint as my employer due to the multiple possibilities to contribute with my own expertise and grow my personal capabilities.

How has BearingPoint met up to your expectations? 

BearingPoint has endorsed my expertise by securing personal growth and career plan straight from the start. I have already seen how BearingPoint invests in its employees who are all together driving for a common goal. 

What motivates you in your everyday work? 

At BearingPoint us employees have the possibility to create solutions for our clients and develop companies in different industries. This empowerment makes my daily work very interesting and exciting.