How did you end up choosing BearingPoint as your employer?

I became interested in consulting business after I spent 15 years in a global IT company, where I took different roles, including the management of program/projects, product, requirement, process, service partners, service development, and so on. The roles in the company were for global and regional consumer customers. I wished to work and support other companies and their business with my experiences in different business domains as my new next challenges.

What kinds of projects have you been involved in, and what does your daily work consist of?

I have been involved with financial IT system implementation as a project manager and PMO. In addition, recently, I have been involved with our firmwide innovation program. My daily work is quite varied as the nature of my role, for example, planning and follow-up, problem-solving, process development and management, and documentation. 

What do you like the most about your work?

I love the work together in a diverse environment, regardless of people’s generations, genders, or nationalities. We have a really good company culture for it, respect each other, take care of people as well as work-life balances.