We are located in the heart of Helsinki where our approximately 150 employees are based. Our consultants are trusted advisors from the early stages of the strategy phases to complex operational implementation. We combine functional, technological, and data skills and bring a collaborative and innovative mindset to our clients’ teams, laying the foundations for future success. We serve clients from various industries with wide expertise covering different competency areas. ​


Competency teams are each consultant’s professional “home base” at BearingPoint, but we work together across team boarders on a daily basis whether it is through client projects, sales or other internal development activities. ​

Enterprise Performance Management & CFO Advisory professionals thrive in developing and digitalizing the CFO organization’s processes and systems. Our projects are related to finance operating model design e.g., organization development, process development, finance architecture, external reporting, consolidation, statutory reporting, planning, budgeting, and forecasting as well as change management and culture. We are experts who not only oversee the holistic process of planning and managing an organization's performance but also effectively harness data insights and strategically implement technical solutions using state-of-the-art tools to optimize operational efficiency, inform decision-making, and propel sustainable growth.​

ERP team helps clients throughout their ERP strategy initiatives, managing ERP implementation programs as well as delivering large S/4HANA transformations. As Advisors we are contributing to the client´s successful project execution on strategic and organizational dimensions from roadmap establishment to Operations Management. Our local SAP team extended with our global competencies deliver large S/4HANA transformations with a holistic business-oriented approach and domain specific expertise. ​

Financial Services professionals help companies operating in the FS field in navigating the changing landscape of the FS industry. We work with topics such as anti-financial crime, financial and non-financial risk, regulatory advisory, insurance, cards & payments  as well as operational excellence and process automation. We focus on developing competencies and offering around program management, core transformations, carve-out/integration and bank’s management reporting.​

Data & Analytics experts succeed in making insight-driven decisions by exploiting the full potential of data with modern tools by combining broad business understanding with deep technology expertise. We want to help our clients exploit the full potential of their data by using modern tools and technologies with a focus on Data Architecture, Data Warehousing, Data Management, Data Visualization, AI, BI and Advanced Analytics like Machine Learning.​

Digital & Strategy professionals are passionate about digital transformation that generates new business models and shakes the fundamentals of our clients’ businesses. We define winning strategies, identify growth opportunities, and support clients in planning, ramping up, and leading their large transformation initiatives. We transform our clients' businesses to seize the opportunities of digitalization. Our technology-independent approach combines strategic acumen, design thinking, technology foresight, and data analytics.​

Sustainable Business consultants are focusing on supporting clients defining and implementing ESG and sustainability matters into companies’ strategies and core processes. We combine deep expertise in ESG, business development and process and technology knowhow. Our experts have diverse skills and backgrounds enabling us to support client in various ESG related topics and engagements. ​


Get to know some of our consultants in Finland and learn about their experiences at BearingPoint: