With a growing emphasis on reimbursement models based on value and not volume, clinical pathways are becoming instrumental in improving clinical effectiveness and outcomes while lowering the cost of care.

US experts estimate that 30% of US healthcare expenditures do not positively affect patient outcomes. In addition, it has been a difficult, manual process to determine which 30% is wasteful. Unfortunately, it is a situation that many can relate to.

With the implementation of EHR systems and analytics, healthcare organizations have the tools and the data to identify ideal care pathways, and can reduce or eliminate unjustified care variation and costs.

Most healthcare costs relate to labor, which is driven by patient encounters. Hence, identifying, quantifying and reducing healthcare encounters that are inefficient or unnecessary offer a great opportunity for savings.

Clinical pathways solution

By combining holistic industry expertise with extensive knowledge of reimbursement models and performance management in healthcare, we provide a complete solution across three key areas:


  • Provide explicit and well-defined standards for care
  • Promote evidence-based medicine and use of clinical guidelines
  • Support training and provide a baseline for future requirements and initiatives

Effectiveness and outcomes

  • Reduce variations in patient care
  • Support clinical effectiveness and risk management
  • Help improve clinical outcomes and patient documentation
  • Improve multidisciplinary communication, teamwork, planning and transfer of care

Quality and cost management

  • Identify waste and optimize the management of resources
  • A structured approach to prevent adverse events
  • Ensure quality of care and provide a means of continuous quality improvement

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