Thoughts from our experts - topics varying from AI to Z-generation

The pace of change in business landscape is tremendous and it does not conform country borders. However, the trends do not fly equally in every country, and just like within industries, proceed in different phases. Translating global trends for the Finnish business context is our bread and butter. With this blog, we want to highlight our perspectives on the latest trends at our core market, so in other words, to highlight what is truly important at the given time.

Also, "we" do not want to remain just as "we".  Our group of 100 professionals with various backgrounds and expertise areas is in love with solving complex problems on a daily basis with our clients. Should it been in business model design, in cloud transformation or in latest regulative trends, we'll have the insights. Besides, our great bunch of easy-going individuals is eager to elaborate who WE really are during, and after, office hours.