Slush, the world’s leading startup and technology event, once a year brings together people from all over the world to share their stories, learn from others and be inspired by all things new. For two days every year, Helsinki gets to play host to 25 000 leading actors of the global technology scene coming together for something very special.

BearingPoint has taken part in Slush for four years already. The financial sector is in the middle of a disruptive transformation and in the need for new, innovative solutions to answer the increasing challenges and thrive in the new digital era. Thus, we have sought industry experts to share their vision and proposals for the future of banking. Since 2016, we have hosted side events on collaborative cultures, open banking, future-proof business models,  fintech collaboration and now, blockchain solutions in the banking sector.

“Slush is a great place for companies to see what’s new, to network with like-minded and ambitious people, and perhaps most importantly, to challenge themselves to rethink their business.”

Aleksanteri Kontio, Senior Business Consultant, BearingPoint

This year, our blockchain-themed keynote session brought together international professionals from different corners of the industry to share their views, experiences and war stories on blockchain and its possibility to disrupt the banking industry.

Will blockchain reinvent the banking industry and create opportunities for generating totally new business? Or is it another tool for doing the same things, just better and more efficiently?

The first blockchain solutions are already live and in active use, but the jury still seems to be out on their final verdict.

Yes, blockchain offers clear advantages on transparency and decentralized networks. Yes, there are lots of use cases and potential value for blockchain in banking. But no, not all blockchain solutions are truly transformational – or even running on distributed ledgers despite claiming to be blockchain-based innovations. The debate will go on!

On the video below, we offer you a tiny glimpse into the views of industry experts from Nets, Accelerator Frankfurt and Nordea.

BearingPoint at Slush 2019 


Jani Ristimäki, Head of Data & Analytics, BearingPoint Finland
Emma Mieskonen, Consultant, BearingPoint Digital & Strategy