Elli-Maija Virtanen, Summer Intern 2021, tells about her internship experience at BearingPoint

I am an Information and Service Management master’s student at Aalto University and joined BearingPoint’s Enterprise Performance Management team as a summer intern in mid-April. I applied to BearingPoint because I was attracted by the descriptions of company spirit, which I experienced firsthand already in the discussions with two consultants during the interview process. I also saw it as the perfect opportunity to utilize my previous experience and Information Systems studies, as well as to learn consulting practices. BearingPoint exceeded my expectations as an internship position: I had a very interesting project and could actively contribute as a part of a team and get responsibility on my own.

I was treated as an equal member of the team from day one, and with great introductions quite soon figured out some of the project complexities, making me ready to tackle increasingly challenging tasks. As I started my internship, the forecasting solution project I was assigned to was just moving to a new configuration round, which was exciting as I got to participate in a complete cycle from initiation through implementation all the way to the test phase. I had the chance to learn a lot about project work and consulting in general and an opportunity to grow with the team as we tackled a diverse set of planning tasks.

A typical day in the life of an intern started with home office morning tea - a time to independently and creatively experiment and explore solutions to forecasting planning problems. I enjoyed learning something new every day and really appreciated the opportunity to research and solve challenges also independently, knowing that I could at any given time ask for a nudge in the right direction. Later in the day I would usually have a few virtual meetings to work or discuss the project and next steps. The regular checkups with my buddy and project team lead usually included a few questions from me, some feedback, and more open-ended reflection.

The project team had great complementary skillsets, and despite completing my internship almost completely remotely, I felt truly included and shared many laughs with my team members. In addition to daily meetings, we held more ad hoc work sessions, which always provided some virtual water cooler talk, as well as new knowledge and insights into other people’s ways of working. Team lunches, especially the sunny picnic before Midsummer, and different online events were a great addition and to me exemplified the BearingPoint easygoing atmosphere.

Overall, the highlight of the internship was my team, which welcomed me and encouraged me to progress especially with the calculation rules that I was interested in – I am thankful for BearingPoint for being flexible with the team roles and trusting me with the responsibility. I often found myself being introduced to new techniques and sections of the forecasting solution as I made it a habit to ask whether there was something I could assist with. 

Based on my 2,5-month internship experience, I feel that it is easy to grow and learn at BearingPoint by being curious and daring to both ask for help and to help!