Elina Heinonen, Summer Intern 2021, tells about her internship experience at BearingPoint

I am a final year Economics Master’s student in University of Vaasa. I joined the Digital & Strategy team in the beginning of May to bring an extra set of hands to the annual Digital Leaders Study, which compares the big players of Finland in nearly 400 different criteria. To talk about thorough!

I applied for the internship at BearingPoint, as I knew that I would gain valuable insights on how a digitally focused advisory operates. BearingPoint was the perfect place to deepen my skills in management consulting, as the company is big enough to offer challenging projects, but also small enough to have a very supportive group of people, who are never too busy to help when in doubt.

My typical day at BearingPoint consisted of one or two meetings with team members and my buddy/development manager, during which we would go through the current and upcoming projects. On Fridays we would have a more relaxed team meeting, during which we would go through the weekly personal highlights. My normal day would then consist of gathering data for the Digital Leaders Study, which was my main project for the internship. I also got to put my digital marketing knowledge in use developing the study further. Here and there I was also trusted to help out in other projects, which I enjoyed as I got to have peek of what’s usually going on the client-facing side of BearingPoint.

The pandemic added its own twist to the internship. I got to choose whether to work from home or from the office, as the infection rates were declining rapidly. After over a year of working from my studio, the decision was easy for me. The choice of working from the office allowed me to meet my team members in person, and not just as talking heads on the screen. We also had some lovely picnics and a small team event as the gathering restrictions eased up, which really helped me to feel welcomed in the team.

The internship flew by faster than I had ever expected. I can confidently recommend the experience to anyone looking for a challenging internship in management consulting, especially if you have a flair for tech and digital.


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