Every year, we hire Summer Interns to work alongside our consultants in client projects. Our Summer Internship program is designed for students who wants to gain insights about the world of consultancy, in an easy-going and dynamic work culture and where there are lots of opportunities for developing skills and competencies.

This year, Karliina, Lauri, Iiro, Liina, Kaisla and Samuli joined us as our Summer Interns. Get to know three of them and learn about their BearingPoint experiences.

Karliina and Lauri

Karliina and Lauri are both Industrial Engineering and Management students at Aalto University and joined our Digital & Strategy team in the beginning of May. They applied for the Summer Internship program because they felt that our Digital & Strategy service line aligns well with their studies and would provide an opportunity to learn something new. For both, BearingPoint stood out from other consultancy companies due to the easy-going company culture.

Throughout their internship period, Karliina and Lauri focused on the Digital Leaders Study, which measures the maturity and development of leading brands. The study is conducted annually and this year, for the first time, seven other countries were involved in the project. In the beginning, Karliina and Lauri focused on determining how the project would be carried out. Towards the end of the internship, their tasks were on the project execution side, meaning they collected data for the study. Moreover, due to the international aspect of the project, Lauri and Karliina spent quite a lot of time coordinating and communicating with people from other countries. Working on the study taught them “silent” knowledge on managing an international project and now they know better what things need to be considered when starting an international project.

Karliina and Lauri both felt like it was difficult to expect anything specific from their Summer Internship. They were looking forward to meeting everyone, as it was apparent already during the recruitment process that there’s a great team spirit within the company. In many ways the culture exceeded Karliina’s and Lauri’s expectations, since people were so nice, and they were included in the team and all the activities BearingPoint offers. They were also pleasantly surprised by the responsibility they were given as interns, as they were in charge of some parts of the project themselves.

The highlight for Karliina and Lauri was a trip to London where they met colleagues from other countries working on the Digital Leaders Study. The summer party and team dinner were both great as well. Also, getting positive feedback from colleagues from different countries was memorable, since it showed that the others noticed the effort that they put into their work.


Kaisla joined our Technology Advisory team as a summer intern in June. She is a student at Tampere University of Technology and she had never heard about BearingPoint before she read our summer intern job application on a student organization’s Facebook page. She decided to apply for the internship since she felt like the role fit her skills. Also, the fact that BearingPoint is an international company yet relatively small in Finland attracted her attention.

Kaisla understood from the interview process that the summer wouldn’t be about making coffee and printing papers. She was looking to gain concrete experience and insights into life as a consultant, which is what the summer offered. She was working alongside the rest of the team from the start and was included in project work immediately.

Kaisla’s tasks revolved around change management. In July, most of her work days were spent on preparing trainings (e.g. preparing materials, drafting invites, sorting things out for the sessions) for the client. During the summer Kaisla was also able to help in creating sales materials for another project and thus be involved in a project from the very beginning stages – something she had never experienced before. The diverse tasks have enabled Kaisla to learn a lot about project management. The summer also helped her in enhancing her prioritizing and communication skills, since she was in contact with different people from the client’s side continuously. 

The summer was filled with memorable moments, but for Kaisla the best thing were the overall work atmosphere and the people at BearingPoint, who welcomed all the summer interns with open arms from day one.

Want to be our next Summer Intern?

The application period for our Summer Internship program 2019 is October 18 – November 18, 2018. We are looking for interns for both our service lines (Technology Advisory and Digital & Strategy) and offer flexible internship periods from May until October (duration 2-4 months). Check out more information about our service lines and competency teams in Finland.

To apply for the Summer Intern position, please visist bearingpoint.fi/careers.


Lotta Nurminen, HR Trainee