The Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) became effective in January 2018, mandating banks to open account information for third parties and to enable them to initiate payments if requested by customers. What makes PSD2 special is the fact that the door is open not only for banks but also for other sectors, such as retail. There’s no doubt that within the next few years the European banking landscape will look very different from today as new innovative third-party business models will disrupt the age-old banking value chains.

Time for retailers to seize the opportunity and leverage the change is now at hand.

That’s why Anttu Ahlberg, Aki Alanne and Jani Ristimäki put their wise heads together and summarized their thoughts on a white paper. Please proceed here to read the full text and download the insight! The trio discussed how retailers could reap the benefits from banking disruption by e.g. lowering payment fees through the PISP role, increasing customer understanding via AISP functionality, adding value with other financial products and ensuring your relevance through API partnerships. And what’s even greater – they revealed the most lucrative approach to start reaping these benefits - BearingPoint Strategic Business Design framework!