Our experience at BearingPoint has been enjoyable and full of learning. The people have been supportive and there are similar-minded people here, which has made it easy to integrate into the company. There are also a lot of activities that facilitate mingling, which has made it simple to get to know colleagues. For example, BearingPoint organizes monthly breakfast and after-work events, as well as sports and cultural activities. There is also an internal network, that organizes events specifically for junior-level employees including interns, analysts and consultants in the company. Not only is the well-being of the employees important to BearingPoint, but the company also does good in the form of a variety of charitable projects which we find really important.

The internship process started with sending our CV, cover letter and transcript of records. The interview process was smooth and consisted of two rounds including case exercises. At the beginning of the internship, we had introductions to our teams and the company, as well as the new and fancy office. We were also assigned our own development managers who would support us during our time here. We have also really enjoyed the training possibilities, for example, weekly learning hours, internal trainings, and extra introductions to topical trends.


Why did you apply to BearingPoint?

"While I was writing my bachelor’s thesis about how to use data analytics and BI in management-level decisions, some of my current colleagues from BearingPoint held a guest lecture in one of our courses last fall. As I was getting interested in management accounting, analytics and new technologies, I also knew I wanted to try out the consulting world. BearingPoint seemed exciting with its IT and management consulting approach, so I decided to apply – and here we are. " -Sofia

"After completing my bachelor’s degree in computer science, I switched to studying industrial engineering and management. I wanted to work in positions where I could apply my CS skills in a business environment. BearingPoint’s data and analytics team seemed like a perfect fit for that, and my first impression of the company’s culture was also good." - Henri

How does your basic day or week look like?


  • Arrive at work around 9:30 AM and grab a cup of coffee
  • Catch up with colleagues and start working
  • Around 11 AM, we go out for lunch as a group
  • After lunch is usually a good time for some independent project work
  • Coffee
  • In the afternoon, there's often a meeting where we discuss how to proceed and share progress updates
  • Around 3 PM, I get a snack smoothie/bar and an energy drink from the kitchen to keep me going for the rest of the day
  • Home ->


I had heard people say that in consulting, every day brings something new, and that is precisely how it is. Every week includes weekly team meetings and catch-ups with my development manager. Besides the recurring meetings, my day typically starts around 8 with a cup of coffee and porridge at the office while I check out the day’s tasks and upcoming meetings. During the day, I usually have a few meetings and work independently on various project-related tasks.

What kind of tasks have you been involved in during your internship?

"Throughout my internship, I’ve been involved in many different tasks and projects, providing me with a comprehensive understanding of the consulting world. I’ve supported my team with their projects in ERP and SAP transformations and advisory, but also actively participated in sales processes and internal projects. Working with AI-related topics has been particularly exciting, allowing me to expand my understanding of its capabilities. Alongside that, I’ve also been organizing events for students with some of our colleagues – it was especially nice to organize an excursion event for the students from Vaasa together with Warrantti alumni at BearingPoint." - Sofia

"My primary job responsibility has been working around the development of AI offerings and doing technical implementation for the GenAI solution (coding). In addition to this, I have had the opportunity to be part of the sales process and communicate with users/customers. I have also been able to take responsibility and I feel like I have had the chance to influence the direction in which the solution is developed, which is something I enjoyed." - Henri

What has been the best thing about working at BearingPoint?

"The best part has been the team and the community, which have been extremely welcoming. At work, there's a nice group of people and a lot of additional activities besides the work itself. It also feels like both the younger and more senior members are easily approachable. Additionally, our intern group has been fantastic, I have had a great time with them." - Henri

"I have had a great time at BearingPoint which is thanks to the funny colleagues, open atmosphere and the trust we interns get straight from the beginning. It has been great to get a bit of experience of consulting in a company that takes care of its people and encourages everyone to progress in their careers. I have also learned a lot about ERP systems and implementation projects from my very experienced team, which has given me new insights. In addition, I have really enjoyed of all the events we have had during our time here, those have made it easier to get to know the colleagues." - Sofia

We are grateful for the opportunity to dive into the consulting world at BearingPoint. It has been a fruitful learning experience and bunch of laughs.