We organize multiple popular events throughout the year. Some of these events focus on different sports activities, and to organize these we have our very own "sports club", BearingPoint Sport.

Sitting behind a desk and working on PowerPoint presentations or Excel spreadsheets are an integral part of consulting which can have serious impacts on one's physical wellbeing in the long run. As an employer, we actively address this health risk by offering our people various opportunities to take care of their wellbeing, our sports club being one of them. BearingPoint Sport aims to organize fun sports events to promote a healthy and active lifestyle as well as to encourage our people to “get moving”. What exactly have we done so far, and are there any happenings coming up? Here's a quick rundown.

BearingPoint Sport in 2018

A core part of the activities that BearingPoint Sport organizes revolve around trying out new sports. We aim to have these activities at least once per quarter, and usually we try out a different sport each time to lower the threshold for attending and to encourage everyone to participate. To start off the year, we had the opportunity to try archery as 15 of our consultants set off to find their inner Wilhelm Tell or Robin Hood. Next in line was orienteering. Since we do have some relatively active orienteers at our office, we decided to take part in the Firmaliiga, which consisted of three races in May and three in August. We didn't lose anyone into the forests of Nuuksio, and people had the choice of either running as fast as possible, or simply going slowly and enjoying the magnificent views while navigating from point to point. By the end of the final race in August, we also managed to qualify to the next league by finishing third overall.

Based on feedback from last year's activities, we also wanted to bring some continuation to our activities, and one of the most requested events so far was our running school. In May and June, Runner's High organized an informative lecture followed by four training sessions, in which everyone who was interested had the opportunity to get personal feedback from a professional coach to improve their running technique. After some intense (or not so intense) training during the summer, many of our consultants also participated in the Midnight Run, a 10-kilometer race through central Helsinki on a lovely September evening.

To provide further ways to promote a healthy lifestyle and personal wellbeing, we also launched the Parempi Vire app to all our employees. The app, built on HeiaHeia, enables our employees to cheer each other on and to start new challenges.

Looking forward

One of the key guiding principles and goals of BearingPoint Sport has been to emphasize how much fun sports can be and to actively promote a healthy lifestyle and personal wellbeing. Therefore, we have aimed, and will continue to do so, at organizing a wide variety of different events so that everyone gets the opportunity to try something new and exciting. While we have already been quite active this year, we still have some events coming up, so stay tuned and follow us on Instagram (link) to see what we are up to.

Pictures from some of our BearingPoint Sport events so far

In addition to the sports club, BearingPoint promotes wellbeing by offering our people a variety of activities, such as body composition measurements, health related lectures and a free monthly massage.