This is our journey

“Committed consultants with adaptive intelligence”

Our brand promise sums up who we are and what we live up to. But how did we get here? Where did it all start? We figured that the only proper way to introduce our new blog (which we are very excited about!) is to share our story with you.

Our roots go back to two major players in consulting. In 2002, recently spinned off from KPMG, an independent US based KPMG Consulting Inc began a rapid global expansion. The firm acquired most practices of once the world´s biggest management consulting firm Arthur Andersen, joining forces as one global company. The renewed company announced the new name BearingPoint, connecting 16 000 professionals around the world and begun trading in the NYSE.

However, it wasn´t until 2009 that BearingPoint became the company it represents today, as a result of a European management buy-out (MBO). With a strong belief to our business and people, more than hundred partners invested in the company to rebuild the brand with a European focus, embracing what we considered best practices from the corporate world and integrating it with a partnership-based culture. The new partner-owned company had the character of a startup and the mindset was based on entrepreneurial thinking. The heritage of understanding how to deliver quality services to our clients and operate efficiently formed a solid ground for the new business.

When the brand name was launched in 2002, it had a nautical association and meant setting direction to achieve an end point, reflecting how we go about helping our client transforming their businesses. At that time, our logo also included two arches over the brand name to illustrate how we combine management and technology consulting. Since then, what we do and why we exist has remained the same, and our purpose as a company keeps running through our BearingPoint name. As our Country Managing Partner Mika Niemelä says: “we advise our clients where to go and how to get there, acting as a compass for them to set sail on the deep stormy seas of constant change and new challenges". Today, leading the business in Finland, Mika has been there to experience the whole journey of BearingPoint, from the launch of the brand to this day. He continues to relate to the same promises that we have made to our clients since the beginning. Committing to our clients´ long term strategy, working as a team, and striving for excellence continues to drive us towards an even brighter future.

Our exceptionally great year of growth in Finland in 2017 is something that we are very proud of and excited about. Inspired by our team’s achievements we sail towards new unknown challenges and opportunities. Join our journey and learn more about us, our people and culture by following our blog and social media channels! Welcome onboard!

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Jonna Haapaniemii,  Senior Recruiter