Do you understand your organisation’s maturity level to manage financial crime risks? Are you confident that your organisation meets the regulatory requirements? How about the operational excellence and the utilisation of technology? Do you have a clear view on the development opportunities and priorities?

Sometimes it makes sense to pause and reflect on the current situation before rushing into solutions



Companies often miss a clear overview of how mature their risk management processes are, and hence they struggle to decide the future development areas and to create a reasonable roadmap for the improvement initiatives.

The gap analysis framework provides a consistent approach to evaluate an organisation’s current maturity state from a holistic point of view. Furthermore, it gives an intuitive presentation of the identified gaps and their importance.

Understanding the current maturity state makes it possible to further analyse and prioritise the improvement initiatives. The adaptation of the framework ensures a transparent reasoning for the recommendations, which usually increases efficiency, in addition to greater quality.

Identifying the gaps by using the Gap Analysis Framework

The gap analysis framework starts with defining the assessment segments. Each segment will be further analysed through specific questionnaires. Business inadequacies, i.e. the gaps, can be identified while the assessment questionnaire is walked through with the client. After a detailed analysis, the findings can be aggregated and the severities assessed, without forgetting the big picture. The framework ensures focus on the most urgent development areas, which later enables a reasonable risk mitigation planning.

The segmentation of the gap analysis framework can be tailored to best serve the business problem in concern. The methodology is applicable to a wide range of industries, and it can be applied for understanding business challenges holistically or to deep dive into a certain unit within the business. Additionally, company-specific requirements and policies can be included into the assessment segments.

How can BearingPoint help your organisation to identify the most critical AFC gaps?

Action planning and investment decisions can easily go wrong if there is a limited understanding of the business maturity. Sometimes it makes sense to pause and reflect on the current situation before rushing into solutions. BearingPoint has successfully applied the gap analysis framework, providing clients with a rather quick overview of their gaps and maturity level, which later has resulted in a risk-based action plan. Among a broad range of industries, BearingPoint also has a wide expertise in the AFC area. Combining the adaptation of the gap analysis framework with the best AFC experts has resulted in successful project deliveries and high client satisfaction.

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