Despite its origins within IT, business intelligence (BI) is not just about technology. It is about business processes and using information to make better business decisions. Technology merely supports the chief goal of BI, which is to provide business users with insight into company operations. That insight can be gained by accessing and analyzing information previously locked away in legacy databases. By treating BI as an ongoing business process—and not merely as a series of discrete IT projects that end upon implementation—and by aligning your organization to better serve this process, you can get more out of your BI investments.

In this white paper, BearingPoint explains the importance of establishing a business intelligence competency center (BICC) staffed by personnel with the right business, analytical and technical skills to support the BI processes. By creating a BICC, organizations can align their BI initiatives with corporate strategic goals. In addition, organizations can get more from their investments in BI by more effectively leveraging their information assets for competitive advantage.

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