While individuals shop more online and value time-saving and convenience over price, retailers are struggling with e-commerce delivery services having the same standards as 20 years ago. Urb-it’s founders identified a way to solve retailers’ challenges to deliver purchases quickly and conveniently in the face of increasing preference for e-commerce. By using stores instead of warehouses, online purchases can be delivered to the client in the city within an hour.

Urb-it looked to BearingPoint to support them with creating a strategy and business plan before establishing the company in Stockholm for launch in December 2014. Today (October) urb-it is successfully working towards the launch of urb-it-1Hour in Stockholm in December with continued support from BearingPoint. The company has managed to fulfill several important milestones in the operationalization phase and is well prepared for launch.

“BearingPoint helped us create our strategy and analyze our business idea - the resulting business plan and operational support was essential in transforming the company and attracting necessary capital. Without BearingPoint’s consumer insights and global reach we could not have done it”. 
Mats Forsberg, 
CEO, urb-it

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