After graduating from Aalto University School of Business I started looking for career opportunities both within the industry, and in management consulting. From the very beginning of the recruitment process at BearingPoint I realized consulting could provide the experience and development I seeked. When BearingPoint offered me a chance to join the team I had no reason to turn it down. I have been working in several projects at BearingPoint, mostly within finance and performance management, for clients both in private and public sector.

What made you choose BearingPoint as your employer? 

I had a positive image of BearingPoint as an employer and accordingly applied for an analyst position. I was impressed by the drive and competence of the people I met throughout the recruiting process and became convinced that BearingPoint was a good fit for me professionally.

What motivates you in your everyday work?

My job challenges me to stretch beyond my comfort zone almost on a daily basis, and acquiring new skills and competencies has always been a vital motivator.

What defines an inspiring work environment to you? And how does BearingPoint meet up to your expectations? 

Working with bright, talented colleagues and intriguing client cases was something I was expecting from consulting and particularly from BearingPoint. Although I’m at the beginning of my BearingPoint career, the company has already lived up to my expectations!

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