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Ahead of the curve with digital ecosystem management, process automation and big data

Eric Falque
Leader of the Go Digital initiative

We have come a long way since we started our Go Digital initiative in 2014. Back then, we decided to put more focus on our digital story and bundle a couple of initiatives that were already underway. We also wanted to make sure that we would be more consistent across the firm, so we aligned our approach from training and self-leadership through to marketing and innovation, and we created our Digital Factory to present our use cases internally and externally in a consistent way.

Reviewing 2016, I’d like to highlight four areas where we made real progress. First off, we reached a high maturity level with our digital ecosystem management (DEM) system Infonova R6 and helped to make many of our clients ready for the platform economy. Much like Airbnb created a platform for landlords and tenants to do business, our clients can use Infonova R6 to create a platform for suppliers and customers, but for many different industries. We have powerful success stories from the telco space to prove it, and that really created buzz in the market, followed by new DEM client wins such as Nokia.

Moreover, we prepared promising cooperations with important platform providers. In the B2B space, our advanced analytics tool HyperCube has been implemented in GE’s Predix platform, a cloud service which specializes in the analysis of machine-generated data, addressing a growing demand in the Internet of Things market. On the B2C side we are in advanced talks with a dominant platform player, we can’t talk about it just yet, but watch this space!

The third area I’d like to highlight is a breakthrough case in robotics process automation. It’s my favorite digital project of 2016, since it is opening a lot of opportunities and illustrating that we are ahead of the curve. Just to provide a bit of context: four or five years ago, our clients used digitalization to improve their relationships with customers in a multichannel environment. Today, we are moving from front-office applications to the back office. The back-office challenge is to radically change the processes, so as to dramatically improve their quality and reduce cost. We did successful robotics process automation jobs for a multinational financial services company and a French corporate and investment bank.

The fourth area we made real inroads with is big data. The giant leap in the availability of information demands new technologies and capabilities to manage volume, variety and velocity of data. We offer help from three perspectives: strategically by generating value through new insights, technologically by enabling companies to manage big data with new tools, analytically by extracting knowledge from big data with advanced analytics. For instance, for an automotive client, we acquired and analyzed hundreds of millions of sensor data points to identify usage patterns as well as to understand factors that influence battery lifetime. The results could be used for predictive maintenance and more. For a telco client, we collected data to identify churn clusters. We then broke them down into customer microsegments showing specific churn scenarios with a high likelihood to lose customers.

These scenarios were addressed with specific marketing measures, and the churn rates were lowered significantly as a result.

Looking ahead, data analytics will only gain in importance. So we decided to initiate “HyperCube for all,” giving everybody in the firm access to our sophisticated data analytics tools and allow for related consulting projects across the planet.

We also want to put more focus on the way we communicate and collaborate in the ecosystems driving our business. Since we are all operating in an unpredictable, fast-moving environment, the challenge is to quickly adapt, together with our clients. It is key for us and our clients to create flexible networks inside and outside our organizations, drawing the right resources and skills needed for the challenges at hand. BearingPoint has always been about client intimacy, but in the age of digital transformation, it has become even more important. Going through this fast-paced era, spotting the right trends and approaches really has become a joint effort with our clients.