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Three competing mobile payment eco-systems emerge – bank led, collaborative and non-bank solutions / Customers will arbitrate based on trust

London/Frankfurt, October 23, 2012 – Mobile payments technologies have been promising much and delivering little for the best part of a decade, but finally the mechanisms to break free from the stranglehold of financial institutions have matured. This disruptive technology is poised to come of age, according to the latest analysis from the BearingPoint Institute ( “Who will be the winners in the mobile payments battle?”.

BearingPoint’s research shows that the European mobile payment market offers a considerable size, growth potential and sustainability. It clearly shows that there is willingness for customers to use this new technology, and they are actively looking forward to integrating mobile payment services into their daily lives. If the customer is willing, the provider is already pushing at an open door. “Everyone says that mobile payments are the future, but by now it remained tantalizingly out of reach. Ultimately consumers voting with their thumbs will determine the evolution of the mobile payments market”, says Christian Bruck, Partner at BearingPoint in charge of mobile payments consulting and co-author of the report.

The main issue standing in the way is trust. With ailing trust of consumers in traditional financial institutions new players now have a real opportunity to displace banks in the mobile payments arena. With telcos wounded by falling revenues and commoditisation of their product, leading logistic companies with a strong and reliable brand and internet players have the mass and means to truly disrupt the payments market. If they can establish their credentials quickly in the field of financial services banks run the risk being beaten and forego winning in the battle for customer supremacy. Christian Bruck says: ”This is a battle of competing eco-systems. Traditional financial institutions, telcos, leading logistic companies and internet players are each vying to become a dominant player in this market. While the new players have everything to gain, banks really do have it all to lose, and ignoring customer sentiment and behaviours could be a critical mistake.”

Examining in detail the competing mobile payment systems, this research of the BearingPoint Institute quantifies the factors that will drive consumer adoption of mobile payment technology and ultimately determine the success or failure of competing technologies to produce an eventual winner.

How the mobile payment landscape will evolve, which players are poised to become market leaders and what the competitors need to do to earn the trust of consumers and become the strongest new brand in consumer finance are all explored and explained in this paper.

So, who will win? Banks, Non-banks or a collaboration of the two? The bottom line is that there is still all to play for. Get the BearingPoint Institute Mobile Payments Report for the most up-to-date and comprehensive analysis yet of this market in 2012 here: or as iPad app: or as vodcast

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