Commitment to Achieving Net Zero

BearingPoint is committed to sustainability by reducing its 2019 firm-wide emissions by 50% by the end of 2025. Together as an organization, BearingPoint is committed to the UN Sustainable Development goals and the Paris Agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to promote global security. To achieve this, we are engaging in operating sustainably across all aspects of our business, including monitoring our direct environmental impact, the communities in which we operate, our clients, and our people. We recognise that this is an ongoing commitment and are continually aiming to improve our understanding and awareness through practical activities and initiatives. In addition, BearingPoint works together with its partner Forliance to compensate remaining emissions, covering travel, commute, office, and IT.

As a trusted advisor and partner for our client, we believe we have a role to play in reducing our clients carbon emissions. Therefore, we also seek to identify, deliver, and sustain opportunities for carbon reduction on behalf of our clients.
To support this BearingPoint has established a comprehensive carbon reduction plan that includes specific targets, timelines and initiatives to continue to make an impact. This plan encompasses several key areas, including reducing emissions from our office operations, promoting sustainable travel and adopting sustainable procurement practices. Our plan also includes regular monitoring and reporting of BearingPoint’s progress to ensure that we are meeting our targets and identifying areas for further improvement. We recognise that this is a journey, and we are committed to working towards a sustainable future for our planet and our communities.

At BearingPoint, we view sustainability as both a responsibility and a chance to foster value and innovation. Our commitment extends to actively contributing to the global sustainability initiative and aiding our clients in reaching their own sustainability objectives. In fulfilling this role, we are devoted to advocating for sustainable practices and lessening the environmental footprint of our operations. Simultaneously, we offer inventive carbon solutions to assist our clients in attaining their Net Zero aspirations, utilising our exclusive tool and tapping into our global in-house expertise.

BearingPoint’s Carbon Emissions are measured with our innovative technology emissions calculator allowing us to understand both our firmwide local impact. We recognise that this is just the first step, and we must continue to monitor and measure our Green House Gas (GHG) emissions and seek opportunities to reduce or eliminate them. To achieve our sustainability goals, BearingPoint is committed to taking the following actions:

  1. Measuring 100% of the organization's GHG emissions to ensure we have a complete picture of our impact on the environment.
  2. Reducing or removing GHG emissions wherever possible through our operations and the work we do with our clients.
  3. Offset remaining emissions through International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance approved projects, ensuring we are contributing to sustainable development projects around the world.

We believe that by following these actions, we can achieve our sustainability objectives and help our clients in their sustainability journeys.

BearingPoint UK Carbon Reduction Plan

  • BearingPoint UK Carbon Reduction Plan 2023
    BearingPoint UK Carbon Reduction Plan 2023 538.93 KB Download