The Challenge

The rise of the ‘accidental’ manager…

Front-line managers are typically promoted into their role because they are good at their current roles; contact centre agents, paramedics, administrators – not necessarily because they are skilled or competent managers or leaders.

New managers often end up learning the role from their peers, or manager, who typically have come through the same process. As a result, we see that front-line managers typically spend less than 25% of their time ‘actively managing’.

The Active Manager

An Active Manager is a confident, skilled manager who has the tools and knowledge to provide coaching, guidance, assistance and support to their team in a positive and constructive way. They:

  • are able to manage change with resilience and agility in constantly evolving environments
  • effectively support, mentor and build high performing teams
  • proactively challenge and manage poor performance

Active Managers devote between 60% and 70% of their time to their team.

Our Active Manager Methodology

BearingPoint’s Active Manager methodology enables a manager to devote between 60% and 70% of their time to their team.

Active management involves providing coaching, guidance, assistance and support to the team in a positive and constructive way.

Managers need to clearly understand their role, the routines which will support them, and the soft and hard skills required to manage their tasks, their time, and their team effectively. Our accelerated approach leverages 5 key success fundamentals. On the job coaching alongside a cloud-based platform supports the tracking, understanding, and embedding of new tools, routines, and behaviours.

An approach formulated to deliver outstanding health and social care

  • A programme specifically tailored to quality improvement with sustainable services and CQC outcomes at the heart of the approach
  • A focus on operational leadership directly linked to tasks, timelines, team engagement and resident care
  • An ‘In situ’ program, not just a training course, delivered in the workplace with day-on-day measurable impacts
  • Leverages existing frameworks to align with the CQC Well Led framework.  
  • A vertical and linear approach impacting all areas of the organisation at the same time to instill consistency, role modelling and to support sustainability
  • Learning embedded through an 'plan, do, study, act' weekly cycle with success criteria focused on personal development and  performance impact

The Result

Front-line managers are equipped to optimise quality improvements and operational performance.

Front-line managers are equipped with the appropriate skills, tools, knowledge, experience and confidence to actively manage +60% of their time.

A permanent change in management behaviour and improved team dynamics is enabled.

The result is better key competencies in managers, which results in increased performance within their team of between 10% - 20%.

A positive performance and people focused culture is generated with improved morale.

Empowered leadership through Active Management

Active Manager has been explicitly designed to give your workforce the Skills, Capability and Confidence required to lead high quality services.

  • Strategic Thinking and Awareness – Understanding the bigger picture, the role of the home(s) within the wider health and social care system and the organisations business strategy
  • Motivational Team Leadership – Creating a shared vision and common purpose with staff and stakeholders, with everyone understanding the role they play
  • Continuous Improvement – Instil a culture of improvement, proactive management of audits, supervision, reflective practice, compliments and complaints and feedback. Remedial action plans used as the foundation for creating positive change
  • Planning and Organising – Structuring routines, value adding tasks and activities using our Active Manager Framework
  • Effective Communication – Communications are open, transparent, clear. Managers listen and are responsive to their teams needs
  • Performance Focus – Establish what good looks like, define aims and objectives, set out a clear plan to realise them. Identify and report metrics and measures which monitors how well you are doing and/or enables decisive remedial actions if required

Our History

We have delivered Active Manager to over 11,000 managers during the last 15 years. This approach is proven in multiple contexts: retail, contact centres, and financial institutions. Accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management. We are excited to introduce Active Manager into health, social care and public sector organisations.

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