As insurance companies are struggling with rising costs, they are looking for ways to reduce their cost base while increasing sales. We help insurers grow their premiums by helping them with personalising their marketing activity and delivering self-service capabilities across their distribution channels.

Personalised Marketing

We enable B2B and B2C marketing teams to take control of their email, SMS, web and social media activity. Marketing teams will become more responsive to their customers as we provide the tools tailored to their specific business needs. We ensure they can deliver cross-channel personalised marketing communications through proper contact management, automated marketing requests and analytics and performance tracking. With a more digitally mature marketing team, the customer will receive a more personal and tailored experience, aligned with their wants and needs.

For those Insurers looking to reduce external marketing costs and speed up campaign delivery we can help them to in-source too.

Key benefits

  • Sales uplift of up to 120%
  • The ability to target known customers with cross-sell messages.
  • Removal of external agencies – reduction in management time.
  • Reduced procurement time
  • Increase policy sales and add-ons

Self-Service Portals & Data Driven Insight

We help Insurers manage their direct and intermediated business efficiently. We enable this by providing self-serve portals for the customers of the intermediaries (Brokers). Through data driven insight we help insurers manage their strategic plan and opportunity pipeline.

Key benefits

  • Call reduction of 20% due to up to date claims data
  • 25% reduction in claims submission calls for non-urgent claims
  • Complete contact data
  • Improved productivity through actionable interactions
  • Visibility of the full policy lifecycle
  • Opportunity management 

  • Automation of the submission quote/bind process 

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