Delivering a 10-30% improvement in the chosen KPIs, everytime

First-line managers are traditionally under-developed and often receive limited investment, leading to missed opportunities to deliver a stronger performance from the front-line operation. There is also a new challenge: as organisations implement increased levels of automation, they need to equip their “hybrid workforce” to be successful by creating a new culture, a common language and revised ways of working – especially to deliver the ROI on their digital transformations.

With increased forms of automation being introduced into the Telecoms market, including robotics, AI, and machine learning, organisations are working to successfully transform their businesses using this technology to deliver operational improvements and reduced cost. However, many organisations don’t see long-term success with these projects, and we believe it is often due to a lack of workforce engagement.  

As roles are changing and a hybrid workforce of people and automation tools is being created, organisations will need to empower their people with the rights skills and confidence to be able to operate in these new environments. Organisations need to create a new culture, revised ways of working and a common language running across the entire organisation. At the same time such digital transformation needs to deliver an ROI where the benefits are not only realised but are sustained.

How can organisations engage their workforce?

How can we help you?

ActiveManager™ is an award-winning manager-led transformation methodology that has been delivered to over 11000 managers to create a step change in operational performance. It enables a significant improvement in productivity and service standards by focusing directly on people, process and capacity management. At its heart, Active Manager is a coaching programme which is focused on establishing new management routines and embedding these across the teams to form habits which then sustain.

How can ActiveManager™ help you?
  • Delivers productivity increases of up to 30%
  • Minimum ROI of 3:1 within 12 months
  • Equips operational managers with the appropriate skills, tools, knowledge, experience and confidence to build high performance teams
  • Creates sustainable cost reduction, improved productivity, increase profitability and quality of service improvements

Why ActiveManager™ deserves your attention

Most front line managers don’t have the required competencies and behaviours

Frontline managers are often promoted because of their content expertise, not because they are good managers or leaders. ActiveManager™ equips them with the necessary skills and goes further to establish and embed a proactive style.

Currently many managers are not equipped to optimise the effective utilisation of staff

Frontline managers should be actively managing their team 60 – 70% of the time, in reality most managers only spend 15-25% of their time actively managing. ActiveManager™ radically changes the way they focus their time for maximum benefit.

Embeds sustainable and proactive habits

ActiveManager™ establishes an environment where active management is the norm. Depending on the scale of the organisation the programme can be delivered in 12 weeks. Structured support ensures active management becomes part of business as usual.

High return on investment

ActiveManager™ typically delivers productivity improvements of up to 20%, are cash flow positive in a matter of months and contribute to the bottom line within 12 months. The financial benefits of these self-funding projects are cumulative and recurring.

Flexible delivery model

The ActiveManager™ delivery model can be customised to meet your particular needs. It can be delivered entirely by experienced BearingPoint consultants or by equipping your internal team with the delivery capability.

  • BearingPoint Active Manager
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