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Our Digital Ecosystem Management experts

Our research suggests the fourth industrial revolution, as the World Economic Forum calls it, is estimated to create a new addressable market worth $8 trillion by 2025.

In the current macroeconomic environment, achieving healthy growth has become a challenge for many companies. A select few however, have been able to buck the trend and achieve extraordinary growth by developing digital ecosystems connecting consumers, producers and innovators. From Alibaba to Uber, these ‘digital native’ companies have created flexible digital platforms that have enabled them to leapfrog competition and revolutionize their industries. ‘Digital Ecosystem Management’ is the new discipline for all companies, and we help our clients to adopt and adapt its principles to create a new way to grow.

The video below provides an introduction to how DEM can help reinvigorate traditional businesses.

Digital Ecosystem Management- The new way to grow

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Angus Ward talks business transformation and Digital Ecosystem Management at TMF Live! 2017